Foner GFM will be no stranger to readers of MTN World. The Barcelona native has been active since 2001 and remains an active component of the GFM family, which also includes writers like Sawe, Guan and Nimek. He’s also an avid collector of records, which makes him an ideal candidate to put together the latest MTN Mixtape.

Whether it be highly visible highway spots on the commuter routes into Barcelona, quick pieces on freights or burners painted on virgin walls in the countryside, Foner doesn’t let a week go by without getting up in some form or other.
He has recently been exploring his more abstract view of painting, demonstrating the versatility of a maturing artist. You can check out a mural he protected with MTN PRO Water Based Varnish here.

What sets Foner apart from many other writers is the energy of his pieces. His outlines, which seem to be mutant throw ups, seem to dance on the surface, and his color schemes represent the eye of an artist comfortable with tones, palettes and contrasts.

For the latest in our series of artist-curated Spotify playlists, Foner has come up with a list of tracks that perfectly accompany his work. The inclusion of classic mod bands like The Undertones, The Jam and Ocean Color Scene are the inspiration for his retro characters, whilst tracks like “Local Boy” and “The Lonely One” describe his humble character.

If there was any doubt about his passion for terrace culture, “The Drug is Football” puts them to bed, and “Caught By The Fuzz” is a warning for lads and lasses who get their kicks from illegal activities.

An absolutely essential listen to get ready to paint, dance or engage in any legitimate fight. Smash the play button and play it loud!

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