With 50 interviews to date, the Argentine Buen@s Writers project documents the South American country’s graffiti in its least sweetened form. In their latest interview, and for just over 40 minutes, an old acquaintance of this medium, Porno14, discusses his career, his vision of graffiti and some deep reflections on the place it occupies in his life.

The Buen@s Writers project was born in Argentina in response to the need to document its graffiti through first-person accounts of local writers. The culture unfolds before our eyes with video interviews that reveal the codes, motivations and philosophy of the protagonists. These intimate conversations are a reflection of a culture with a great oral tradition and serve as proof of the maturity of the scene.

“…It was like being inside Fight Club. That was what intrigued me the most about this movement of trains and subways. It was all very mystical.”

The latest installment sheds light on the writer Porno14 —031 and Dosis Crew— who, since he started painting in 2003 in his native Buenos Aires, has made a name for himself worldwide. Check out the video, and gain a deeper understanding of this writer’s cosmogony and point of view by discovering his origins, his passion, his obsession and his goals.

“I know people who have been doing this for 30 years, and they have nothing else. I see them, and it’s a little sad. That has made me change my perspective and realize that graffiti is a double-edged sword that ends up cutting you if you don’t take care of yourself in time.”

You can find more material from this writer here.

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