• Crew: Cosmic Guetto
  • Founded: 2013 in Portugal by Seeyr, then Rack and Seeh joined the crew.
  • Countries: Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Usa, Australia, Croacia Hungary, Brasil and Spain.
  • Original members: Seeyr, Rack, Seeh.
  • Current members: Seeyr, Rack, Seeh, Clabe, Nihao, Vecione, T.gee44, Opium, Ciume, Sarme, Alive, Rust, Froggy, Poulet, Scout, Jason, Magg77, Moek, Sugar, Ness and Espn.
  • Philosophy:  The Cosmic ghetto name is a little linked to that Vision of Icons of the Future of the Intergalactic.
    A little bit of the Stylewars Starwars Culture, in Special linked to the Hiphop Funk Style of the 80s 70s of the Bronx NY at that Era.
    The Philosophy of the name Cosmic Ghetto as cosmos also symbolizes the infinite, Cosmic Ghetto symbolizes the infinite possibilities of being able to create Art in the Ghetto based on low cost materials.
    It’s cheap to try to create Graffiti with a Lowcost Ghettoo base, and with the very Funk Style Characterized from that golden era of Graffiti NY.
  • Tradition: Based on the 70’s 80’s Graffiti end Hip Pop Subculture Ghetto Styles, Hallfame, Throw-Ups Culture, Tag`s, Trains. Creating different Styles ( Oldschool froms, wildstyles, etc.. ). Seeking Freedom of Imagination.
  • Collective memory: Some of us painting together in Portugal, most of them in Summer Season and Other Countrys. Working on promotion of graffiti styles and
    spreading the work and motivating new commers.

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