• Name: Feym
  • Crew: Wn1 (hip hop female crew) & Calavers.
  • City-country: San Luis de Potosí, Mexico.
  • Active since: first illegal throw ups in 2004.
  • First piece: I started painting in 2004 with illegal graffiti, it was something very experimental that I did not like because the colors were very similar to those of the fence, and my first legal piece was in 2009 in an event in the city of Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas. It was the first time I left my city to do graffiti, in an 18 hour road trip. It was worth it, I met a lot of female talent in the south of my country and made friendships that are still valid today.
  • Favorite piece: My favorite piece was at the Callegenera festival in 2018 in the city of Monterrey. The festival was transcendent because I met Martha Cooper and I am proud to belong to her photographic archive. In that same festival I did a photo shoot for Nika Kramer from Germany. These two important characters in the history of Hip Hop, were a very satisfying reward for my trajectory. Right after photographing me Martha told me: “keep it up, because of people like you I continue to live this beautiful movement that I love”.
  • Style: Wildstyle, and huge pieces. I love pieces in freight trains.
  • Partners in crime: My girls form Wn1, every and each one of them are important, for all that we have achieved as a team. And my train-loving friends, who are always good company on this odyssey.
  • Favorite cap: Level 1y astrofat ire fey.


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