Mujer Gitana surprises at Montana Gallery Barcelona with her colorful work, full of an absorbing and unique mystical positivity. She gives us some of the essential keys to both knowing the process of the peculiar pieces of “Forgive” and discovering its endearing and valuable meaning.


Under the name of Mujer Gitana you can find the artistic side of the Spanish writer Fresh. One of the singularities of this creator is surely the ability to bring to different formats ranging from graffiti to fashion, a plethora of transcendental messages loaded with an unparalleled positivity. We could say that her personal style is a perfect therapy for the eyes and soul.

For “Forgive”, her solo exhibition at Montana Gallery, Mujer Gitana has produced different types of works, among which stand out striking hand-painted die-cut pieces, as well as resin swords, acrylic canvases and even furniture. A variety of formats that welcomes us to her psychedelic universe full of joy and visual tenderness. Different pencil inscriptions on the wall, which remind us of the messages that can be found from the wall of a school to a dungeon, represent the spontaneity and authenticity of both the artist and her reflections.

The opening, which took place on March 30th, one of the most crowded in recent years, became a true meeting party. Personalities and characters united by Mujer Gitana’s stimulating energy, projected both in her work and in her charismatic personality.

In “Forgive” we find different types of works, with what means have each format been produced?

Well, there are 5 types of materials that I worked on for the exhibition. Many people were curious about them and they are:

  1. The swords are made of epoxy resin, I would have liked to make them “real”, that cut, but no sword maker agreed with my idea, so I ventured to make them myself with molds.
  2. The meditation chair is made of wood and spray paint, and seems to me to be the noblest material for a furniture-like piece.
  3. Canvases are all acrylic.
  4. Die-cut pieces have a PVC panel base and spray paint.
  5. The “crystal ball reading” ball is made with a PVC ball and an aluminum base and spray painted.

Do the different messages written in pencil refer to the titles of the works or something else?

Everything is connected, they are not really the titles of the works, otherwise I would lack of pieces, hehehe. They are ideas that revolve around the concept that I always try to convey. Sharing with others vital questions or answers that have helped me to understand a little better the meaning of our existences. Since they helped me, I throw them into the world in case someone resonates with them. And the pencil is not for any special reason, impulsively the notebooks or diaries where I write these ideas that I converse with myself usually look like that.


“Let’s say that graffiti solves, and the artistic part tries to answer vital questions.”

What characteristics do your graffiti and artistic work have in common and what differentiates them?

The differences are clear, graffiti is something that has been with me since I was 14 years old and that I like for what it is and the effect it has on me when I paint. I like it to be my other face. On the other hand, the artistic work that I am generating speaks of myself with more depth. It is more transcendental, mystical, or existentialist. With the beauty and the difficulty that life puts in place for us to overcome. Let’s say that graffiti solves, and the artistic part tries to answer vital questions. 🙂


How did you receive the reception of your exhibition on the day of the opening?

Unforgettable and magical. It seemed like a dream. I wouldn’t know how to thank all the love and support I felt. I love to have brought this excuse to gather so many people with whom I have shared tears and smiles in Barcelona. The range of people who came was incredible, it fills me with pride. From my boyfriend, my mother and my mother-in-law to friends from Barcelona and Murcia, to punks, graffiti people, artists, classmates from Massana, former workmates and friends of friends…


“Being loving, or kind to me are also weapons of power and action. And basically, the ones we should use the most, thanks to their power to solve conflicts.”

Choose a work from “Forgive” and explain to us how you came up with the idea and its meaning.

I wouldn’t know which one to choose, I can explain several.

  • The guns, both die-cuts and sculptures, are a metaphor. From the image we understand related to something violent like guns mixed with sweeter or more loving icons or symbols. Since the idea is that being loving or kind to me, are also weapons of power and action. Basically, the ones we should use the most, thanks to their power to solve conflicts. So, it’s like representing my weapons. With super cute machetes, guns, swords, and axes. Hahaha
  • The meditation chair. It occurred to me because of the type of die-cut pieces I had already worked with, and I thought of adding a seat and backrest to the form. I looked for a shape that made sense. They are two hands doing the famous Om Mudra used in meditation. And the truth is, it seemed like a good idea to have an object created for a specific purpose. The chair helps to have the correct posture, and sitting on it after I made it seemed like slowing down time and my nervous system. I loved making that piece.”

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