It has caused a furor on social media due to a particular feature: a cap that incorporates a red tab that allows you to regulate the width of your stroke. This tool, in that it emulates the release of a paint pulverizer, has been designed for professional purposes, yet graffiti writers have been the first to show interest in it.

As a response to the demands of the professional sector, we present the Trasnversal Variator Cap, an adjustable transversal stroke nozzle that combines two technologies: Its stroke imitates that of a paint gun, but it also includes a red tab that allows you to adjust its thickness between 4 and 9 cm.

Thus, this innovative diffuser synthesizes the Transversal Varnish Cap
and the Transversal Fat Cap in a single piece, hence being specially
designed for uses such as …

  • Painting of car bodies
  • Painting of elements with paints or products that require several thin layers
  • Varnishing of surfaces

What is more, it is sure to become a tool for experimentation
in the world of graffiti.


Trying the new MTN Variator Cap, a nozzle designed for professional purposes. #spraypaint #spraypaintcaps #graffiticaps #nozzle #mtncolors #montanacolors #painting

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As you may have noticed, the coarse finger pressure area is in the shape of the Montana Colors logo. This is because it is the first MTN nozzle manufactured exclusively by our brand.

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