Ansya “States”

Friday January 31 from 8PM
Music by Dj You_El and in collaboration with Moritz

What drives a writer to abandon the limits of “real” graffiti in order to investigate other creative fields?
This is what Ansya explains in his exhibition “States,” an emotional journey through various mental states represented by his characteristic archetypes. His mashup of references reconfigures, through a rabidly modern aesthetic, different icons from popular culture.

Ansya has style to spare and he’s earned his stripes, making him an internationally recognized reference of Barcelona graffiti. Upon embarking on the journey of tattooing, he finally reached the next phase of his creative evolution: the pictorial format, executed in a minimalist style that flirts with abstraction.

Don’t miss the inauguration of this long-awaited exhibition, which will surely bring together the crème de la crème of this city’s underground culture.

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