Arnaud Liard – Rosh :.
“Abstract times”

From November 10, 2020 to January 22, 2021.

The year 2020 represents an intermission in our lives, rocking our relationship with reality.

This pause has led to creation for many artists, but for others it is an uncertain moment of restricted freedom, with a lack of external stimuli necessary to feed the imagination.

We wanted to dedicate this exhibition to abstraction, featuring two important figures of French and Spanish urban art: Arnaud Liard and Rosh :.

The two have used this year to question their work and provide it with new energy.

Following a period on show in Paris, the exhibition “Abstract Times” presents works on canvas and paper at Montana Gallery Barcelona that bear witness to the evolution of the two artists’ careers during these months favorable to introspection.

The exhibition demonstrates how a ARNAUD LIARD employs a new use of intense and fluorescent colors whilst ROSH:. makes discoveries of color and abstraction, turning his back on the black and white works presented in his previous exhibition at the Montana Gallery Barcelona which took place in 2011.