Osier Luther “Le Grand Jeu”

Opening Thursday July 8 from 18h to 21h.
Exhibition from July 9 to August 27, 2021.

A key figure of the third generation of Andalusian street artists, Osier Luther began painting the walls of Seville at the age of 15 and at the same time developed a real social project by founding his association IAM, with the aim of bringing urban art to children at risk of poverty or social exclusion.

His graphic style, “ignorant art”, reinterprets the heritage of artists such as Picasso, Miró and Delaunay, and reflects their values of artistic democratization. Osier juxtaposes colors and shapes to create a naïve aesthetic that resembles collage. From this set of contrasts emanates a new harmony. Colors vibrate, lines intertwine.

In the exhibition “Le grand jeu” presented at Montana Gallery Barcelona, Osier Luther makes reference to the French surrealist magazine of the same name created in 1927 that brings together Léger, Braque and Mondrian among others. These artists experiments with pre-cubist educational toys, with primary colors and geometries, to rediscover the cognitive perceptions and instincts of childhood. Osier is inspired by them and materializes in his works the porous border that exists between art, play and education.
The exhibition presents works on paper, wood and canvas, as well as oil paintings made during the last two years and some ceramic pieces.