El escritor polaco Juicy se explaya durante más de 10 minutos para explicarnos su perspectiva sobre el graffiti, ambientada con las grabaciones de sus fechorías. Nos lo cuenta Galeria Koloru.

Las ya clásicas y efectivas entrevistas de Galeria Koloru nos brindan una nueva entrega dedicada al escritor Juicy. Puede que sea la edición más larga de toda la saga y es que este escritor tiene mucho de qué hablar. Por eso os adjuntamos más abajo los fragmentos más interesantes de lo que dice.

«I always remember that trains were the ultimate achievement for me. The total essence of graffiti.

My first favorite city, which has always been a Mecca for me and I always fucking love the style, movies the and whole atmosphere there is Stockholm, and I’ve always liked graffiti from that city. The fist movie I ever saw about graffiti was “AREA 08” with a great soundtrack. “Subway Stories” later, absolutely smashed it. I also think Barcelona a wonderful place to live and paint because it has lots to offer.

I love traveling to other countries: the essence of train writing for me. This cultural factor itself is very interesting, because you can see how other people live. Especially in the culture of train writing, which is hermetic, yet people show a lot of generosity and trust, selflessly and often without expecting anything in return.
Trains are steel objects that move people around cities, and seeing styles on a moving object in an urban space is an amazing feeling.

Painting and drinking, unfortunately, go hand in hand, or fortunately go hand in hand.

I currently approach graffiti as martial arts, painting with a clear mind, completely sober. But I love smoking a spliff after the action.

There are a lot of aspects that play a role. It is so interesting and it never stops surprising me. I really like the strategic element, checking the place. I like finding a hole in the system, I like bravery and audacity. I like the challenge for the trains, the system and people who don’t want me to do it.
Besides, everyone knows there is an element of adrenaline, a threat that gives you a kick, and there is also an element of artistic expression, where the pressure pushes the good and bad out of us. In the short time by the wagon, we are able to really express ourselves.

I’m not superstitious, I don’t believe in such things. But when it comes to clothes or what I wear when going to paint, comfort matters and is very important to me, it has to be outdoor clothing. I’m the Gore Tex Don.
The current scene in Poland is at a good level, we paint good graffiti. We have many writers who have shown the world how it’s done and I believe that we are absolutely at the top of the world in train writing.

Graffiti definitely shapes character and discipline, punctuality, systematically and the ability to think strategically, abstract thinking and allows you to see beauty in things and in places that to an ordinary viewer seem boring, grey, uninteresting and fucking ugly.«

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