We were just mailed these photos from Abalon – Bcn Living ArtArt Isn´t Dead -, who’s currently in Miami. Last Saturday the 10th of March, wandering through the WynWood district, he stumbled across an event which is held the second Saturday of each month in this bastion for outdoor art, and which you’ll be familiar with because it was where practically all the activity of last year’s Art Basel was centered.

In this Wynwood Art Walk, you can find anything from live concerts and movie premieres, to craft stalls and inagurations in any of the 60 galleries there, and a very mixed public with some amazing styles that don’t exactly blend in with the surroundings.

In this selection, you can see some great photos, such as of the kids with spray cans, which are pieces by Miguel Paredes, an artist and retired graffiti writer who runs two galleries, one in NY and another in Miami.

Along with some murals which Os GemeosFaile,NeuzzSegoRetna or Vhils – among many others – painted, you can also see part of the Peter Tunney expo at the gallery inside Wynwood Walls, surrounding which are some murals by Zevs and Obey.

Where do we have to sign to export this model to each city on the planet? It’s a fine example of how to give life and culture to a city… take note, you ancient commanders of culture and slow-moving public administrators; THIS is a good investment of your money, and that of us citizens.

Abalon, many thanks for this fantastic story!

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