The American publication FRANK151 has always been characterized over the years by its ability to discover the most interesting profiles within the new popular culture and underground scene. From renowned rock stars, outliers and trend mavens, to young talents and leading figures from the “show business”.

On this occasion, we are proud that the staff of FRANK151 has included in its recent edition of its new book called ‘Leaders’ Jordi Rubio, founder of Montana Colors, the company which pioneered the manufacture and distribution of spray paint for graffiti on a worldwide scale, interviewed by his friends Os Gemeos.

In this video, discover a bit more of the personality and professionalism of the head of the brand that marked the before and after in the world of graffiti some 20 years ago.

A creative collaboration that is beginning to bear fruits. Hope you enjoy it! Watch out!

Directed by Edgar Lledó . Music by Laura Llopart.

* You can pick up your copy of Chapter 51 to read the full interview with Jordi Rubio on their site.

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