Despite the follow-up we did a while back when the Rose Beton Festival and Epoxy exhibition was happening, it’s been difficult to comprehend the magnitude of this event.
Thanks to this outstanding video produced by Big Addict, we can witness what occurred during the 2016 edition of Rose Beton and get a little deeper into the work by some of the participating artists.

A long list of celebrities that encompasses the broad spectrum of what we know as urban art were present; from the well known photography of Henry Chalfant, to the long-lasting abstraction of Futura 2000, to the suggestive painting of Miss Van or Craig Costello‘s savage filth.

A relaxed stroll through these monumental interventions and installations through a meticulous point of view with an impeccable aesthetic allows us to attend in a unique way, one of the most ambitious urban art festivals in the world.

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