We bring you a summary of the latest interview from the “Hello My Name Is” section of Spraydaily. This time the spotlight fell upon Yokos, a Catalan writer which beholds a quite unusual style among the names seen on the classic commuters ,or “mirror trains” as they also are called, of the area. He is here seen together with his partner in crime, Rallye.

The obvious influence of 70s New York style has been perfected through his undeniable talent and the qualities of todays aerosol products, and as we can see the MTN Mega Colors are his favorite tools in action.

“(About Rallye and Side) Our styles are completely different but they are the main guiltys that i do what I’m doing.”

“The worst is to be arrested and the best the chance to be arrested! LOL! (…) The worst and the best goes hand by hand I guess.”

“I like the early graffiti, writers from the 70’s and 80’s like Blade, Cliff, Iz the Wiz, Billy 167, King 2, Mark… and many times my pieces are a tribute to them.”

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