Behind Madame Buraka‘s succelent tattoo style exists a personal imagination that reflects the most visceral aesthetic and attitude of contemporary youth. This universe was built from the ground up in Barcelona a few years ago and has returned to the Catalan capital in the form of a photographic exhibition. And if it couldn’t be any other way, it’s our house bar, El Montana Cafè Restaurant, where this interesting show will take place. Like always, there will be a proper dousing of Moritz beer and Jägermeister shots. If you miss out on this one, you will most likely regret it.

‘Cold romance’ Madame Buraka.
June 9th at 8 pm. Montana Cafè & restaurant. With the collaboration of Jägermeister & Moritz Barcelona

Madame Buraka is somewhat of an enigma in the tattoo world. If her job wasn’t to permanently leave a mark on someone’s skin with her signature style, she would prefer to be taking photographs and leaving her mark on film.

As a European documentary photographer, in 2013 she began to work with the tattooing medium which was new for her. Since her roots are here in Barcelona, she decided to present this new work here.

While traveling all over the world she has met a lot of special types of people, and with her analogue camera she documents it all. Her life and desires are molded into tattoos.

This exhibition is the journey of a travel photographer and tattoo artist and presents the aesthetics of different sub cultures, scenes and styles from the different cities she praises.

It seems society is turning it’s back on emotions. A cold world. This exhibition pays homage to a cold romance; a feeling the society is giving us right now. Everything and everyone has become transparent.

Tonight, Mme Buraka has been kind enough to share with us a series of photos and the lifestyle that lies behind social media.


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