During the last weekend of April, the second edition of the Inca Street Art festival was held in the city of Inca, on the island of Mallorca, a festival that is consolidating itself in the area. The main objective of this initiative is to bring together artists from various corners of the Balearic Islands and the rest of the peninsula in order to share their experiences and skills in painting. In addition, the festival manages to create a space open to the public through parallel activities such as concerts, guided tours of the murals, etc…

Aiming to have continuity throughout the year through the liberalization of walls around the city that may be painted during the rest of the months, the project focused on several graffiti and urban art-related events during one weekend: from the realization of curatorial walls scattered throughout various corners of Inca – courtesy of artists such as Gracia de Juan, Ofise and Verni, among others – to various competitions that included the chance to paint electrical boxes located in the streets. Simultaneously, a competition open to everyone on the largest wall of the event was also organized and awarded to locals such as Emea, Cane and Bumble&Worm.

Inca Street Art has also been the stage for the Trobada de Graffiti Balear, where several legendary writers from the islands such as Tash, Sune1 or Rase, just to mention a few, met with spray can in hand to raise the bar of graffiti again with the purest Mediterranean style. All this is thanks to the collaboration of our distributor LINEA6 Shop.

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