We all knew that it was a matter of time before Musa71 had her own Limited Edition, it was just a question of when. And 2018 was a special year for her, as this is the year when she celebrates her 30th career anniversary as a writer. Therefore, the can with its own design serves as an award for a long career that has made it as a international reference of wildstyle, and she does not seem to show any indications of retiring.
So the short video that you have seen posted on our networks last week was just the teaser of the audiovisual tribute that we made to the personality of Musa71, with the reason of the limited edition release. A short video in which the writer from Barcelona tells us some of her most intimate perspectives on graffiti while we see the evolution of her style over the years, her work on paper, walls, and finally, her Limited Edition MTN.

To accompany this content we have included a few photographs of the Limited Edition can release taken by Bernat Escoriuela. The images portray the emotional event full of encounters, affection and nostalgia.

Remember that this limited edition can is available for USA at SprayPlanet.

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