Two years ago we posted an introduction to the work of Satr, a artist from Guangdong, China, who specializes in animal representations. In all this time, its impressive style characterized by an unparalleled mastery of the aerosol with Astro Fat Cap, has been further refined, something we did not think was possible.

The current works of Satr is usually presented in black and white and their respective translucent versions (white air and black shadow), creates majestic images that vanish in a smoky effect on the wall. A tribute to the animal kingdom that seems to warn us about the fragility of many species in the face of the inclemency of human “development”.

The result of his work is already wonderful, but seeing his technique when in action is a very rewarding experience. Fortunately, on his Instagram we find some audio-visual fragments that shows us the expert use of his wrists which lies behind his extraordinary works of art.

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