As you might have seen in our social media platforms we have launched two new Limited Editions this week, once again in collaboration with Beyond the Streets.

As we continue with the tour that the MTN Limited Editions are doing on relevant characters in the history of graffiti and urban art we now have the honor to present a legend, Lady Pink. The design of her can shows the current state of her art: paintings on canvas. TC5 Teamwork is the  words printed on the spray, which sympathetically captures the custom of the golden age of graffiti on the New York subway.

Lady Pink is a pioneer of the early ‘80s NYC-based graffiti and street art movement. Active in the arts for over three decades, her work is sought after by prominent collectors and featured in museums all over the world. She mantains an active studio practice, painting canvas.”

5 years after their first limited edition, the duo Dabs and Myla have devoted themselves to the artistic circuit with an evolved style. The new limited edition of DABSMYLA presents Things “That Can’t Be Seen – Flowers 3”, which makes out the design of the spray together with a pattern faithful to their characteristic floral style.

“Husband-and-wife visual artists, DABSMYLA employ a shared design language that dictates subject matter, positioning, color theory and perspective. With this established framework and unspoken set of rules –strengthened by over a dozen years of working together simultaneously–their singular goal is to tell an expansive story that is wholly unique to their own experiences.”

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