• Name: Acton
  • Crew: HRC (HellRaisers Crew), Raw Deal and TMF (The Manson Family).
  • City-country: Helsinki, Finland.
  • Active since: Tagging in 1989, but actual graffiti writing in early 1990.
  • Favorite surface: Concrete, hands down. I mean of course I paint anything that spray sticks to, but ever since I started painting, concrete appealed to me most.
  • Personal motivation: The older I get, the more satisfaction I get from how my pieces actually look and how well they’re executed instead of where they are located. I’m as happy working with the details over a small canvas in my studio as well as painting a larger concept wall outside. I’m satisfied as long as I get to paint letters and my name somehow, somewhere. I still think one is never too old to learn new tricks, so meeting other like-minded & long-term graffiti artists (both domestic and abroad) and seeing how they are doing their thing both motivates as well as inspires me the most.

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