• Name: Ione Dominguez
  • Crew:
  • City-country: Tenerife, España
  • Active since: 2005
  • Perosnal motivation-message: When I started I never thought about what I was doing, I did it intuitively. I speak of the need to expose myself, to let myself be seen, telling stories or not telling almost anything. It was in my early teens when I intuitively realized that I was totally possessed by graffiti culture. Subsequently, the obsession took its toll and I began to reinterpret my questions, which in turn were influenced by agents outside graffiti, such as painting, cinema or theater. I looked back and saw the landscapes of my childhood, fields, seas, children’s games and village scenes. The imaginary of my plastic gaze tries to escape the pretense, it is built through the look of a flaneur doing introspection. I am disturbed and interested in philosophical issues, such as death, life, love or friendship, put into our daily lives can have infinite readings, and I try to grant theatricality and musicality to such reading.
    I have a special attraction for the popular cultures of the Canarian and Latin American peoples, the mysticism and everyday life they contain. I carry in my artistic evolution all the people who have contributed something in me throughout my trip, both at a plastic level and at a vital level.

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