The numbers are a interesting thing, they are absolute in themselves, but when the human factor intervenes, they do not always show exactly what pretend. They leave out experiences, images recorded through the eye, and they are not the reflection of the dreams they want to tell.

In this case, numbers represents the nice works behind the dying Moments Festival this year.  More than 1500 people visited the exhibitions on the opening day, and 6000 more during the rest of the time it was open. 600 people participated in their workshops. We could give you more numbers, but we will only tell you that in total more than 10,000 people have visited and participated in the festival.

That is a lot of people.

The festival based in Malaga capital, took place between October 1st and 4th, and from November 7th to 17th, and has had more than 150 artists and about 15 venues. If you wish to read more about the subject, you can find it on their website Moments Festival.

We, however, will focus on the intervention in which the artist Murone has participated during the festival.

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