Dilk, from FHJ, MDR, AD, also has three favorite pieces. Just like with all the Three Aces sections, he explains to us what made him decide on these three specific ones.

  • I like the mix of letters, quite tradational in style, but with a unusual colour palette and the switch of outline colours.
    This piece is like a nod to the past, but a step into the future.

  • This one is from a sketch by my long term friend – Musa71 -I really like this piece, as I tried to follow the sketch in every detail, even down to the exact colours. The piece is very different to my own style, so it really pushed me to stick to a solid outline.

  • 2020 in Rotterdam.
    Starting a new year full of hope and energy. I always try to start a year painting as good as I can.
    I like the cleaness of this painting, plus the location added to the flavour.
    The letters shapes are more solid than I normally paint and I love the brightness of this piece.

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