• Name: Franscesco aka Onem
  • Crew: I am part of FISH & SHEEP, a crew of friends from my area, with whom I grew up and have always painted.
    I am also part of the FIRST LINES crew, the largest crew with elements scattered throughout the Italian territory.
  • City-country: I’m from Vasto, a seaside town of 50,000 inhabitants, located in the center of the Adriatic coast (east) … a nice place!
    For a couple of years I have lived in Ancona, a larger city two hours further north, always on the sea, because the sea is indispensable.
    However, I went around a bit, stopping in other cities, including Madrid, where I stayed for a short time to live.
  • Active since: I started painting in 2000 when I was 15 years old, however developing mostly writings, in 2010 I took a 4/5 year break in which I did not paint almost at all, then starting more heavily than before, but dedicating myself almost entirely to the figurative.
  • Personal motivation-message: I have always drawn a lot since I was a child, but above all I have read many comics, so I think personal motivation comes from the habit and the approach I have always had in the graphic / visual world.
    In the drawings I make, I always try to communicate something funny, crazy and funny, I want anyone who sees my drawings to smile, but above all I want to smile while I do them 🙂 I have to have fun otherwise, slow as I am, two days in front of a wall to make my design I could not stay there!
    About my message, I believe that any visual content is produced on a wall (graffiti, stencil, street art in general) is a way to enrich the viewer, the artist and the place itself.
    The paintings, the prints and anything else that is framed and kept in a room are obviously art, they are precious things, but they are private. While graffiti and street art is a common good and the common good has much more value.
    This means that the more colorful the cities, the richer the world, because art belongs to everyone, even to those who do not know, street art is the communicative form that manages to scream better.

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