So close and yet so far away. Our neighboring Portugal is home to numerous artists and events related to street art and graffiti and we want to focus on one that happened in June.

We have a closer look at one, created by The Hood and curated by Mistake Maker. A video about a double-decker bus, those so typical of London, which is rented out as a restaurant, shop, or other type of business.

The artist in question is Oker, aka Mario Fonseca, a native of Maia (Portugal), where he started in the world of graffiti in 1999. To this day, his work ranges from graffiti and street art, all the way to illustration, graphic design, and photography. His versatility is remarkable and fills all of his  works with a certain freshness. Organic lines, animated characters that combine with abstract shapes, and textures that bring a breath of fresh air to his compositions.

The video is by André Pina.


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