• Name: Saves
  • Crew: Qs & Ulitza crew
  • City-country: I live outside Madrid, Spain
  • Active since: I’m really not entirely clear when I started painting, what I remember are my first signatures in elementary school.
    I think my first pieces were in 2005, from that year until 2015 I had times of painting a lot and weeks of not painting anything yet graffiti was present at all times. I spent many afternoons watching the Hip flow and the Wanted magazine, Push to the limit, all classics in my memories. It was really in 2015 that I started to be more consistent, trying to paint every week. Now I feel weird if 4 days go by without painting hehe.
  • Favorite surface: Without a doubt, the surface that I like the most is metal, how paint adheres and the finish it leaves is unique, although it is not so common. I really like concrete, it’s what I paint the most.
  • Personal motivation: to have unlimited paint someday, I guess like everyone lol. I don’t know… I really always try to improve every day, that’s my motivation, it’s what I like every time I paint.
    I could say that right now I have a fixation or motivation, whatever I can call it, to paint almost everything with the transversal cap and with fluo colors. That is one of my motivations, to become a benchmark for fluo graffiti. I think there is no piece that I don’t add fluoride to, without those colors my graffiti would lose a touch. One of my favorite resources is the light that can only be achieved with fluo. I think  with fluo colors on a black background you have the perfect setting for a good night photo, not to mention that this is how I take two different photos of the same piece.
    Although without a doubt, what motivates me the most is meeting people from other places and their different places through graffiti. Festivals, meetings and such, I really like trips where what predominates is painting.

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