One of the latest videos by the Norwegian influencer Kong Halvor documents several pieces of graffiti done in a most interesting style.

His name is Halvor Harsem and Kong Halvor is the alias he uses for his online publications. With a good handful of followers on both Instagram and YouTube, this intrepid Norwegian covers a variety of topics in his posts, from urban exploration to music videos. If you don’t understand Norwegian, it’ll be a bit difficult for you to fully understand his peculiar and multiplex universe. But there is one part that we can all fully enjoy: his graffiti videos. This universal language also forms part of Kong Halvor’s content, where he uses the signature Leche. We don’t know if you know what this word means in Spanish, but one thing is for sure; his interesting style is typical of an advanced writer. So the saying of “jack off all trades, master of none” definitely does not apply to this man.

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