It was about time: we’ve finally launched our contribution to the world of podcasts. Our debut in this engaging format of interviews from the Montana Colors stable comes in the shape of the MTN Limited Edition Podcast series. The guest of the pilot episode is Kid Acne, designer of the fourth limited edition can back in 2005.

Text by Mark Dix.

2020 was tough, but we’ll remember it as a year that we had more time than ever for reflection, creation and connection. Thanks to all forms of online communication, we’ve managed to find out about so many new artists, stay in touch with some of our favourites and even share some in depth conversations through our live Instagram interview series: “Real Talk” and “Hablando en plata“.

Graffiti writers, muralists and street artists have found themselves the subjects of several excellent podcasts for some time now, and the team at Montana Colors thought that 2021 would be the right time to launch our own channel for in depth interviews. Available by subscription though Spotify, from now on you can expect to find regular content featuring some of the biggest and most significant names in aerosol art.

The launch of the programs comes in the form of the Montana Colors Limited Edition Podcast: a series of conversations with the designers of the collectable Montana Colors spray cans. We’d like to extend a sincere thank you to Kid Acne: our special guest on the pilot episode, and a man who shares our love of Barcelona as well as all the possibilities that spray paint offers.

This first conversation goes into the chance casual encounter at the Montana Shop in El Born that led to the development of one of the first ever Limited Edition cans, as well as the evolution of the young writer up to that point. Finally putting the street art vs graffiti debate to bed, Kid Acne shares some deeply personal stories about his father, whose legacy he aims to honor with some projects that you can contribute to.

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