Introducing the silver paint version of the MTN Street Dabbers, the felt tip squeeze markers by Montana Colors. Barcelona bomber Iser VTS TDC puts the new dabbers through their paces, as we witness through the analog images of Adrián Robos.

By popular demand, the range of Montana Colors markers has been extended with the launch of the MTN Silver Paint Dabber. For many years, MTN Liquid has been the metallic paint par excellence for filling street markers, but a glossy silver paint completely compatible with markers has not been available in a durable marker format – until now.

Thanks to a new a formula with a perfect combination of shine, drips and versatility, we present the silver version of the Street Dabbers, which naturally can be topped up with the MTN Street Paint Refill from the same range.
There is no-one better to test and demonstrate the potential of this new tool than Iser VTS TDC, whose street calligraphy has been expertly documented through the lens of Adrián Robos.

With several decades of non-stop street bombing to his name, Iser has established himself as one of Barcelona’s most devoted writers to the culture of tagging, with a special interest in marker pens. This experience has made him a true authority in tagging tools, and his confident and original hand style shows it.

The art behind the tags is documented by Adrián Robos, an icon of underground analog photography. Portraying the purest essences of the inner city lifestyle, his keen eye is trained to capturing the precise moments that represent the energy of graffiti writers in their natural environment. In this article, MTN-World brings these two unique practitioners together to shine a light on the capabilities of a new and essential instrument for all street writers: the Silver MTN Street Dabber.


Speaking of markers, we can also announce some more product news. The 8 mm Chisel MTN Water Based Markers, and their chalk equivalent, are now available in 6-color packs. The new collections mean it’s now even more affordable to get busy in a multitude of colors.

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