• Name: Basically my name is Rik, this is my first nickname, I have been using it since my beginnings. But usually it’s more Rike, Ryck, Riker, Ricks, Reak, Skir and all the variations. It depends on my mood and what I scribbled before painting. It’s one of the things that I like with my name, apart from the R which is fixed, I can modify it almost infinitely which allows me to test a lot of combinations.
  • Crew: I am part of four crews.
    SMS: The crew that I founded with my friend Itea. No one accepted us when we started graffiti (because we were so bad), so we made our crew ourselves. And it became a super exclusive group.
    RFK: A Franco-Belgian crew which brings together writers with the same vision of graffiti that could be summed up as “The letter above all!”
    KSA: It is one of the oldest Belgian crews, formed in 1989. This crew has had a great influence on the Belgian graffiti scene in the past. It is a great honor for me to be a part of it.
    319: My friend Orpe’s crew, we don’t see each other very much, but it’s a pleasure for me to be part of it.
  • City-country: I am Belgian and I come from Brussels. It’s my city, I love it very much. It is cosmopolitan, alive and full of energy.
  • Active since: I have been interested in graffiti since my childhood. But even though I tagged my school benches and toilets, I didn’t really start graffiti until 2000.
  • Favorite surface: I like all surfaces. I can enjoy a Hall of Fame like a train. Still, if I had to choose one, I would go for blank walls. These walls have a vibe, a little something that other surfaces don’t.
  • Personal motivation: Honestly, I couldn’t tell. I love to paint that’s all I can say for sure. I like to do graffiti from A to Z, the sketch, the preparation, the choice of colors etc. and obviously paint. In addition it is often the opportunity to have a good time with friends. Above all, I physically need it, a bit like a drug addict …

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