• Name: THE CREW
  • Founded: At the end of a hot and sultry summer of 1997 in Rome, Italy.
  • Original members: Trota, Vela, Dale, Puer, Fox.
  • Current members: Trota, Anek, Panda, Vela, Haker, Runa, Puer, Bero, Starz, Min, Chob, Fish, Gec, Leon, Sport, Kripoe, Babbo, Acie, Kegr, Thek, Magne, Also, Kers y Agurk.
  • Traditions: group dinners, every week we organize a dinner at Starz’s house where we take turns cooking like real professional chefs.
  • Values: Travel is our passion. We love traveling by train in every sense! But the best trips we made were with a full car from every point of view.

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