• Name: Stick Up Girlz
  • Founded: According to its founder and graffiti writer Sinae, Stick Up Girlz started in 2003 as a sister crew of stickupkids, the crew and clothing label started by her ex-husband, a writer she used to paint with. She wanted to form her own crew of women, because she didn’t know many female writers, or had never bumped into any.
    She was on a trip to New Zealand when she met Lady Diva, Oche and Fluro. Shiro later contacted her and they met up to paint, the same happened with Spice from Australia and Sax in Spain in 2007. They were all invited to be part of the collective and little by little, the Stick Up Girlz crew grew.
    In 2010 they organized their first meetings to paint all together in Melbourne, Australia, and Auckland, New Zealand, because at that time most of them were based there. Since then, they’ve planned a tour or hooked up at a festival every year or so, like the Meeting of Styles, which presents the possibility to paint together despite the difficulty of being from different countries.
  • Original Members: Sinae, Lady Diva, Oche, Fluro and Sax.
  • Current members: Sinae (Germany), Lady Shril (Switzerland), Shiro (Japan), Spice (Australia), Sax (Spain), La Eiregata (Spain), Rafi (Portugal), Lady Diva, Fluro and Oche (New Zealand) and Dizy (India): each with their own long history of painting. Pamus (Spain) is the tour photographer.
  • Tradition: To meet once a year or to plan a tour. The next one they plan will be to Mexico, hopefully in 2023, to celebrate their 20 years of graffiti.
  • Values:

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