Artwork by Senk CMS

Today we have news about a reboot of our range of markers that we’ve been looking forward to sharing with you. Here’s the first look at the MTN Acrylic Marcador, a new range of acrylic markers that optimize the possibilities of this type of tool, including unbeatable quality. The news is accompanied by an adaptation to the range of MTN Chalk Markers.

Senk CMS is a writer who is especially skilled with markers, and the perfect candidate for testing the performance and versatility of the new MTN Acrylic Markers. To that end, MTN world asked the Venezuelan to customize a motorcycle helmet, with spectacular results.

The reboot means improvements to the range of markers that reach the high-quality standards expected in all MTN products. We can break down the evolution in the new line of multi-use paint markers by checking out three main areas.

*These markers can be purchased individually or in a pack. The refillable versions and tip replacements are also available.


The MTN Acrylic Markers are made with the highest quality materials on the market of artistic and creative tools. Both the containers and tips, paint and pumping systems are produced to the highest industry standards.


As well as the standard thicknesses common in this type of markers, we’ve added two extreme thickness tools to the range. These are the 30 and 50 mm markers, a reference to two of the first marker models launched by Montana Colors.

The full range of tips is as follows:

  • 0.5 mm (4 colors: black, white, silver and gold)
  • 1 mm (17 colors)
  • 2 mm (17 colors)
  • 6 mm (17 colors)
  • 15 mm (17 colors)
  • 30 mm (4 colors: black, white, red and silver)
  • 50 mm (4 colors: black, white, red and silver)


The update to the technology of the markers is reflected in a sleek and elegant new design, consistent with the improvements made to the product.


Together with the Acrylic Markers, we present the new Chalk Markers. These are erasable chalk markers especially designed for temporary interventions, which will be available in 10 colors with a 2 mm tip. They can also be purchased in packs.

If you want to try the ultimate paint marker experience, order the packs directly from our website or ask your usual MTN dealer.

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