Montana Colors is honored to present an MTN Limited Edition in collaboration with veteran Danish writer Sabe (FYS RIS XTC FK). He is, without a doubt, one of the most important graffiti writers in Europe thanks to his long career, his consistent and intense activity, a versatility that allows him to be effective in the different facets of graffiti and a unique creative virtuosity.

This special release is accompanied by a short documentary dedicated to the career of this famous writer from Copenhagen. In 20 minutes, we follow Sabe on a subway mission and a wall piece, during which he explains his origins, meanings and the motivation that powers his graffiti – with surprising sincerity.

35 years of tireless activity make up the oeuvre of one of the most complete writers in contemporary graffiti. His commendable dedication to the discipline goes hand in hand with an unparalleled stylistic sensibility that permits him to construct his name with risky but effective originality, starting from the basic rules of classic wildstyle.

This audiovisual piece is one of the few testimonies signed by Sabe available on the net. It represents a true ode to graffiti through an endearing portrait of one of the most charismatic writers in Europe.

Painting constantly since the mid 80’s is not the only merit that makes Sabe one of the most important writers in the history of contemporary graffiti. His business card is based on an idiosyncratic approach to letters adapted to the norms of traditional wildstyle, visible in his graffiti on both trains and walls.

His arsenal is completed with the characteristic throw-up that he has used throughout a life dedicated to hardcore bombing. This writer is a living legend, not only in Denmark, but also in the international graffiti scene.

Ten years ago we posted an interview with Sabe. Unfortunately the pictures got lost in the net… but the document is STILL AROUND.

Pick up this unique collectors’ item at your favorite MTN point of sale.

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