Henrik Hau has published a video documenting his latest mural intervention in Gothenburg, the latest large-scale piece added to the oeuvre of this emerging Swedish artist.

After a long career as a graffiti writer, Hau has shown more interest in the creation of abstract art over the last few years. More recently, he has decided to present his artistic work in a mural format, leading to a collection of large-format interventions carried out in 2022.

His latest work, for the transport company Trafikverket, is accompanied by a presentation video that serves as an introduction to his body of work. His testimony reveals the concepts that are encrypted in his particular style, based on sinuous shapes and color scales. The visual documentation of the project was realized by Joel Danell.

“I do exactly what I want and convey exactly what I want. There is no one that can tell me I’m doing wrong”

Hau explains, “I always had need to create. It matters less what I do. Music, painting or drawing”. As well as establishing Henrik’s vital artistic impulse, he refers to his past as a graffiti writer and music DJ. His stylistic tendency is justified by the fact that abstract art is devoid of rules and regulation. He continues, “I like abstract painting because there are no frames, I do exactly what I want and convey exactly what I want. There is no one that can tell me I’m doing wrong.”

“I see my work as different waves. I think it reflects life’s journey in a good way. Sometimes we have lows and sometimes highs,” he explains. A transcendental analogy that gives extra value to an already suggestive work that can be appreciated by audiences of all ages and tastes.
As Hau concludes, “Life is not over and neither is the wave.”

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