• Crew: VMD70S
  • Founded: 1999 in Milan, Italy.  VMD and 70S crews merged into VMD70S.
  • Country: Italy.
  • Original members:
  • Current members:
  • Philosophy: In general, we put the group before the individual, we consider ourselves first and foremost a family. Often, even in the productions we preferred to do something big representing the name of the group, especially in the subway and trains.
    The styles have always been diversified, everyone has always been free to propose his own, always with the common intention to do our best.
  • Tradition: Often, after a night with a high alcohol content, the alarms on the access manholes closest to the tunnels were deliberately set off to time and insult the watchmen upon their arrival.
  • Collective memory: In September 1999, Vmd70s painted the first entire subway train in the history of Milan and, from that moment on, we started looking for new movements and yards, to systematically bomb all the lines and stay one step ahead of the competition.

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