• Crew: RGA (Riot Girl Attack)
  • Founded: In the middle of summer 2017, in İzmir.
  • Country: Türkiye.
  • Original members: Jaku, Rikid, Hemon.
  • Current members: idem.
  • Philosophy: Bond of sisterhood and the merging of different styles.
  • Tradition: Fast bombing nights meeting up after not seeing each other for a long time.
  • Collective memory: The early days of the crew, we were in Izmir, we were painting the metro together for the first time. It was a very dark environment, and it was difficult to see anything. We didn’t even take our glasses. One of us looked up and saw a man standing still, pointing at us. We keep and eye on the man for a while and then continued painting. The strange thing was that the man did not move and kept pointing at us. We were stressed and couldn’t understand. We finished quickly and went out, and realized that it was not a human but a statue of Atatürk. Bullshit funny moment ahaha. And another: one day we were bombing, early in the morning. The building we painted was a brothel, next to a church. The people looked out the windows when they heard the sound of the spray and the sex workers in the building came down to talk to us. While we were talking and painting, a lot of people gathered in the back and stared at us. When were about to finish, there were people fighting behind our backs and the church attendants were trying to stop the fight. Then the sex workers chased the people who stood and watched us for a few streets. Strange combinations in a short time hahaha.

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