As you may have noticed, some MTN Shops have recently released a series of black t-shirts with a handstyle featuring the name of their respective cities. This idea has been promoted at MTN Shop selling points in Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Marseille, Porto, Montpellier, Brussels and Amsterdam.

Each shop selected an artist whose style represents the essence of each city. Read on to discover who designed each t-shirt.

MTN Shop Sevilla: Trach

Behind the alias of writer Trach is Adolfo Guerrero, a true authority when it comes to graphic design linked to hip-hop culture. Trach is responsible for making album covers for some of the greatest Spanish rap groups of all time, among many other things.

MTN Shop Porto: Dub

A graffiti and tattoo artist, Dub demonstrates a particular sensitivity when it comes to illustration. This is exemplified by his original handstyle that draws from trends that go far beyond graffiti stereotypes.

MTN Shop Marseille: Saké

Saké, representing planet Mars, is a veteran graffiti writer and MC and part of the emblematic 132 collective. His close relationship with the French rap scene, from Seth Geko to the Scred Connexion, is noticeable.

MTN Shop Madrid: Blize

Blize has long been one of the leading protagonists of Madrid graffiti, setting himself apart with a style that combines some very select wildstyle influences and surprisingly magical color combinations. In his work as a tattoo artist he follows the same discipline that produces outstanding results.

MTN Shop Montpellier: Smole

The crown of Montpellier has long rested on Smole’s head. With an extensive career under his belt, not to mention frenetic activity and a fascinating, varied style, his recognizable handstyle is the best flag that the city in southern France could fly.

MTN Shop Brussels: Daisy Luzion

Graffiti, illustration, design… Daisy Luzion‘s different facets make her particularly adept at playing with letters and handstyles. Proof of this is the one she made for the t-shirt for the Belgian store.

MTN Shop Barcelona: Slato

Is there such a thing as Barcelona handstyle? If so, Slato is one of the culprits of an ongoing select stream of bomber writers in Barcelona.

MTN Shop Amsterdam: Sjaek

Risky yet calculated color palettes as well as a very fun character are the elements that characterize the young Sjaek, who has developed an audacious handstyle.

Each of these t-shirts can only be obtained through their respective MTN Shop and have been produced, as always, on a limited basis. When they run out you’ll be sorry you didn’t get yours.

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