The Australian writer publishes the complete recording, from start to finish, of one of his pieces on a German train.

You can say that, in Europe, the average time invested in painting a piece on a train is around fifteen minutes. Obviously there are perfectly planned places and missions where the conditions allow to prolong the painting time more than one hour. In the same way that many backjumps or actions can be limited to almost 5 minutes.

In any case, the time of process of a piece on a standard train is sufficiently short so that we can pay attention to it without getting bored or losing half of the day. That’s what Cekios must have thought when he decided to publish the entire process of a piece on a DB train on his youtube.  An original idea that lets us reflect in a practically zen-like process. In the specific case of Cekios, it is really surprising that 17 minutes are enough to finish the panel with a style as complicated and detailed as his is. Undoubtedly, this video is excellent to visualize while you are eating, savoring his characteristic style of great effects and dynamic strokes.

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