Husk Mit Navn is a Danish artist who’s work really raises our interest. Not long ago he held his long awaited solo show “One Of These Days” at the V1 Gallery in Copenhagen. His illustrations and paintings analyzes daily situations from a ironic perspective, with a great deal of both subtle and deep humor through his perfect match in style.. simple and personal.
We prepared some questions to see more of his personality, now that we know his work.

-Husk Mit Navn means “Remember my name” in danish. It lets us think that your identity as a illustrator is very entailed with the graffiti world even if your drawings talks about other topics… could you explain this closer?

I have painted graffiti since the early 90s. I don’t try to separate it from the rest of the art that I make. Its just the way I draw. Sometime I use a spaycans and sometimes I use pencils. When I have painted a big mural I feel like spending more time in the studio, and the other way around.

-The topics you use seem to be inspired by are mostly from everyday life. Could you tell us a story that inspired you?

I get inspired by my surroundings. They are not super exciting but they are full of stuff and situations that normal people can relate to. You don´t always have to climb a mountain to become inspired.

When I was at supermarket earlier today I saw an old dude with yellow hair and mustache caused by smoking. I will probably use it in a drawing at some point.

-Name some illustrators or artists you like.

When I look at art I mostly look at photo art. Photographers like Martin Parr, Krass Clement, Bruce Davidson, all take brilliant photos.

Martin Parr

Krass Clement

Bruce Davidson

-And some graffiti writers you like a lot…

Some of the old New York stuff is dope and the stuff that my crew mates do is fresh too. The BEA, ASS, VTS and LAG writers.

-The best and the worst someone told you about your work.

Its cool when people think that I’m productive. Its less cool when people call everything I do ‘Street art’. A newspaper cartoon or an indoor exhibition is not street art. But I have learned to live with it. Its not a big thing.

-It looks like you have a good sense of humor… Could you link us a video or something you have seen recently that made you laugh?

I saw the movie ‘Tropic Thunder‘ again recently, I forgot how funny it was. Cartoons by Tom Gauld are also worth checking out.

Tom Gauld

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