Our good friend Ovas sent us some of his latest material made during his stay up in Scandinavia. The active life of this unstoppable writer is more than a proven fact. Egs and Puppet are some of the writers which appears in this resume…

Traveling is always nice! Even if you sometimes don’t want see it as vacations. As a writer you always get into the same routines and do what you do all year around… Which is painting and getting home completely tired. But doing it in different places with old friends that you don’t see as much as you wish to, and also with new people you come to meet and who you can’t communicate with due to the language barriers. Still, with some words and gestures, and some beers, you always make it happen with some painting as result.
This time it was Scandinavia, and what seemed to be some relaxing days in the land of Santa Claus, ended up being a question of 15 pieces in four different countries during 20 days. I have my divorce around the corner…’

Ovas. Black Magic – SCP – WMD


With Egs in Estonia


With Puppet


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