The unlimited writer Dems has in collaboration with Velvet Liga put together a visionary book titled ‘VISION, The black book of secrets and tricks’. The edition comes limited to 333 copies and collects a special selection of Dems works, and it can only be acquired through crowd-funding. Through the following link by Indiegogo you can find the different options on how to get it, and to which prices. Only 45 days left…

VISION is presented in 160 pages in black and white with different quality materials in its paper, divided in 7 chapters, images and ideas, 7 “VISIONS” that the author Dems has wanted to show to us. It will be launched on a unique limited edition of 333 copies that the author will number and sign. Inside we will find a run through graffiti and the experiences that come along with it with a nice bunch of unpublished material. All of this turns this book into a collector’s exclusive piece. We will also be able to enjoy the featuring of: F.Pantone, Sozyone Gonzalez, Rosh333, Kiler, Daniel Muñoz “San”, Aigor, Sawe, KoolFunc´88

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