We continue to follow the line of french artists when we continue our series MTN Water Based Studio Works, and this time we present a true celebrity of graffiti art: Jonone. His characteristic style of calligraphy has always been a important street aesthetic related to tagging.

After years of active painting many of the old school writers has come to be reluctant towards the use of aerosols in their works thanks to their bad experiences of getting exposed to highly toxic fumes from the industrial aerosol brands which haunted the market before the specialized paints of today came along.

Getting your hands on a product like MTN Water Based, a aerosol which can be used indoors without the inconveniences of traditional sprays, might be a huge advantage for this artist. In the same way as twenty years ago, Montana Colors has once again became pioneers through the release of a product such as this one.

jonone_mtn_water_based_2 jonone_mtn_water_based_3 jonone_mtn_water_based_5

> Here is Jon One´s video with french subtitles courtesy of our friends at All City.

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