Jeosm, One of our preferred photographers snuck into Zeta’s studio to grab a few hands on flicks. The veteran Madrid writer and artist squeezes the potential out of the different MTN Water Based products and gives us his verdict on the Montana Colors product range that’s more driven towards studio work. Of course, he also shares a little about the new direction his work has taken with us and gives a great piece of advice for all of those with creative restlessness. Thanks Zeta!


The Water Based product range is very useful for meeting many needs, since sometimes using the 94 or Hardcore ranges created incompatibility problems when doing mixed-media work. When you mix solvent-based spray paint with acrylics or water-based paints, they don’t react too well to one another, the colors don’t mix, the adhesion is poor, etc, etc… Now, with the new Water-Based range they are all fully compatible because they are water based, and when you mix acrylics on organic surfaces, everything functions properly.


Aside from the added bonus of being odorless, it’s perfect for painting indoors and you don’t even need to ventilate. Before the smell of the fumes was a big problem for exhibitions, events, and client commissions.


Montana Colors and their R&D team always have their eye on where us artists are evolving to, and they also keep tabs on the industry and the needs of the customers.
That ensure that they are always inventing and perfecting their products.
I’ve tried the aerosol, the markers, and the inks and my favorites are the aerosols.


Currently I’m developing new graphic concepts that are inspired by ritual. I’m investigating a lot about rituals from different cultures and civilizations, and about all the elements they used for these types of ceremonies.
Also, astronomy, physics, and chemistry…


Although it’s difficult to try to evolve your artistic state without being contaminated by all that surrounds us, the important thing is to have the urge to want to tell a a new and different story. And, above all, to not be prejudiced against anything that could be an influence whether it be for good or bad…


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