To be a specialist photographer on the field of graffiti on trains, and if this category even exists, it will require a series of unique talents. Edward Nightingale is undoubtedly one of these few. His photography, apart from having an ability to convey the true sensations and experiences which are lived in situations like these in a truthful and thrilling way, uses a very personal and recognizable style which makes it very easy to determine who is the author of the work.

This German photographer, well known in the graffiti world, has now passed us a series of shots which follows up on the performance of the MTN MADMAXXX. The images are so powerful that we even chose one of them to represent us as the latest ad we are about to publish in a train based graffiti magazine. The rest of the pictures could not be kept away from you either, but also, remember to also check out the older works of Edward Nightingale on the web.

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