The MTN System network expands with new railway system models

The old “Red Bird” NYC Metro, together with the two-doored Berlin model broaden the repertoire of our classic miniature metros.

To add to the most unique and farthest geographically spanning selection of systems, we’ve included the Santiago de Chile and Tokyo metros. In addition, and with freight train lovers in mind, we’ve also added one of the emblematic “Union Pacific” freight trains to the MTN System collection list.

These five new and original surfaces are ideal for doing sketches that emulate the spirit of the most radical form of graffiti.

Comfortable, practical and easy to carry

Miniature train carriages to paint and hang. Printed on very rigid and sturdy cardboard, reproducing an image of the most popular metro systems and trains from around the world.

You can practice your outlines, reproduce historic pieces or simply enjoy your graffiti on them.


  • Can be quickly and easily painted
  • Ideal for Water Based markers, brushes and spray painted backgrounds


  • 45,5 x 10,5 x 9 cm. (assembled)
  • 69 x 47 cm. (unassembled)

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