To capture all the color and intensity of the infinite lights and reflections that invade the urban night with an almost photographic style: that is the Londoner, Dan Kitchhener’s role. A mural artist, illustrator, street artist, and animator by profession, the list of disciplines that may be used to categorize his work is a long one. Even so, his style’s personality makes the authorship recognizable in each and every artwork, whatever format they may be.

His works are capable of transmitting a contradictory feeling of burden and serenity all at the same time. They are akin to some kind of contemplative view on the visual storm of lights on the urban night’s landscape that, in combination with glass reflections and wet streets, become an almost abstracted explosion of color despite their figurative precision.

Today we’d like to introduce you to his Instagram. This album of artworks gathers many of his projects on different surfaces ranging from tiny canvases where spray paint continues to serve as a tool, to enormous murals that appear to be gigantic doorways to a a nearby future. Also, you’ll find process shots of some of the works including, among other things, comic-like sketches that are amazing just as they are.

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