He is not Willy Fogg, but he makes use of his time like only a few. In seven weeks he has left traces behind in over 8 countries. Portugal (Lisbon and Porto), Spain (Madrid, Irún and Palma de Mallorca), UK (London, Brighton, Dundee, Glasgow and Edinburgh) Italy (Milan), Austria (Vienna), Holland (Amsterdam and Rotterdam), France (Paris) and the Czech Republic (Prague).

Photo: Dave Foto

Portugal: Lisbon and Porto, alongside Austr

He is no news to this blog, and even less in the world of graffiti. His name is Sloke and he represents the best of Austin, Texas. During the last years he has shared and let us in on many murals and nice moments of graffiti in Europe, and it has had a very good effect.

Madrid, alongside Jace, Morse, Ris.


Mallorca, alongside Disoh, Rase and Asko.


London, alongside Ekto, Lifer, Chips, Goro, Quest

London, alongside Lifer and Chips

London, alongside Jim Vision and Not Bansky Forum..

Brighton, alongside Vodka and Isor

Glasgow, alongisde Ejek. R.I.P. Chico

It is hard to express what I have liked the most about this trip; everyone has been very nice and hospitable. This tour has showed me that the graffiti community is strong. All cities that I have visited has had something special, but if you make me choose one in particular I would have to say Porto.

Milan, alongside Kuhr, Dave Foto

Vienna, alongside DjPhekt, Shue 77, Skero, Dave Foto and Kuhr

Vienna, alongside  DeadBeat, Opteek, Dave Foto and Kuhr

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