This account that we want to focus on on this Wednesday will be familiar to readers of the last issue of Tramontana magazine and those who attended the Montana Café at the photographic exhibition in March last year.
In this number of the magazine there is an article dedicated to covering the Barcelona Showdown project, a project which aims to record the history of graffiti in the Barcelona metro. Blood & Madness lies behind that project.

Digital and analog photos shows us the ins and outs of what is happening in the world of graffiti on trains, and especially what happens in the subway and its tunnels and hangars where the metal giants sleep.

We are struck by the frenzy, the frozen faces, the self-confidence in some of the images, but above all the small but forceful samples from these peoples everyday life which connects with the viewer through intimate situations and at the same time becomes uncomfortable because of the closeness.

The photos stares you straight in the face. Searching for either common ground or a withdrawal of the viewer towards more comfort zones. What we can assure is that they do not leave us indifferent.

Please tell us what you think, and we recomend you not to miss this account.


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