• Name: Magda Cwik
  • Crew:
  • City-country: Rzeszów- Polonia, actually living in Barcelona, Spain.
  • Active since: 2016
  • Personal motivation-message: At the beginning, painting on the street was fun and cool way to meet people. After while, I realised that what I’m painting in public spaces should not be just a random illustration. Mural or any other form of creative activity on the street is a powerful way through which thoughts, messages and ideas can be communicated. In my latest works, I focused on Inner Transformation, Gender Equality, Plastic Pollution and Recycling. I’m also interested in finding connection with a place and people where I’m painting.
    Still exploring new mediums, materials and techniques to create installations and sculptures from recyclable materials. A recreation cycle and reusing existing forms is something I find quite interesting.
    Videos form my latest creations are available on After Hours Project youtube channel, where you can see the creative process behind them.

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